“Since the arrival of human being to the shores of New Zealand 700 years ago over 75% over its ancient forest cover has been destroyed".

Fino Hotel and Suites Christchurch management and Select Hotels are proud to be part of Hotels for Habitats which provides financial support to ensure wilderness and natural forest environments are preserved and protected for future generations.

As one of the hotel’s corporate social responsibility projects, Fino Hotels and Suites Christchurch directly supports the preservation, pest control and maintenance of 2,500 hectares of native bush in the North Island.

We are keen to preserve nature's habitats while our guests enjoy the hotel’s habitat.

Under the hotels for habitats scheme we also protect a 573 hectare pristine forest reserve in Kauarapaoa Road ( LOT1 DP84274 LOT2 DP84275 BLK1 WAIPAKURA SD) in the Whanganui District.

We protect a 200 hectare land in Whangamomona Road, Whangarei ( SEC5BLKXMAHOESD) which borders the Waitotara Forest and the Whangarei Nature Park.


87 Kilmore St, Christchurch Central,
Christchurch 8013, New Zealand

Guest Relations & Reservations


freephone 0800 FINOHT (0800 346 648)
international +64 (3) 550 0501

Fino Hotel and Suites Christchurch

87 Kilmore Street, Christchurch 8013, New Zealand
+64 355 00501 | NZ 0800 FINOHT (346648)

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