Fino is part of the TripAdvisor Green Leader Programme

computer2Fino is proud to inform you that the Hotel is part of the TripAdvisor GreenLeaders initiative and has been awarded Level Silver. 

The TripAdvisor GreenLeaders Programme showcases a variety of eco-friendly hotels and B&Bs, from budget to luxury – and they’re all committed to green practices like recycling, local and organic food, and electric car charging stations.

How to spot a GreenLeaders hotel? Just look for the leaf.

Hotels for Habitats, Our GreenLeaders Initiative

Fino Hotel and Suites Christchurch management and Select Hotels are proud to be part of Hotels for Habitats which provides financial support to ensure wilderness and natural forest environments are preserved and protected for future generations.

As one of the hotel’s corporate social responsibility projects, Fino Hotels and Suites Christchurch directly supports the preservation, pest control and maintenance of 2,500 hectares of native bush in the North Island.